Website Options

The main thing to consider before commissioning a website build, is whether you wish to be able to self-edit or not. If you only make changes to content from time to time, then it will be most cost effective for you to have a static build, and pay for updates as and when. If however, you are likely to wish to change the content regularly, then it makes sense to have a Content Management System, which will require a slightly higher initial outlay, but save you money going forward.

You also need to consider what you expect your site to do for you. Will it simply display information, like an online brochure, will it collect information from your potential clients, or will it take online payments?

Websites now have to display well, on all types of devices, and across a range of screen sizes and aspect ratios. The majority of visitors now view sites on smart phones and tablets rather than large monitors, so simple design is best. Please view examples of our Simple mobile-friendly websites.

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