Simple Website Design

Mobile-friendly, Google-friendly and User-friendly Design

Please see below recent examples of websites we have built. Click on the images to visit the site. We favour simple design which works equally well for either portrait viewing (on handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets), or landscape viewing (on Desktop Monitors), combined with responsive design elements that change depending on the device in use.

The examples below demonstrate various styles, all of which score beautifully with Google.

Single Screen Sites
Plain and simple and very affordable. Perfect place to start. From just £180 inc VAT.

The Reigate Lawn Company The Reigate Lawn Company

Multi Screen Sites - Vertical Navigation
Versatile design that works well across all devices for 3-6 screen sites. From just £270 inc VAT.

After Work Yoga Watertight Roofing Ltd

Multi Screen Sites - 3-way Header Navigation
Very simple to navigate, with the intuitive and familiar feel of using an app, because of the minimal menu choices on each screen. This is a great way to navigate sites with a large number of screens. Typically From £600 inc VAT.

Cressy Associates Website Perkw Hour
Tailor Made Property Services Enterprise Surveys

Multi Screen Site - Combination Navigation
Providing for multiple vertical screen links, whilst offering 3-4 key links at the head for easy access to the most important screens. Ideal for sites with a large number of secondary screens. Typically From £900 inc VAT

Thanet Winter Shelter Mobile Shredder Repairs

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